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Notes on Academic Cordiality

My post in response to Denise Cummins' critique of Rand at PBS appears to have put our new blog on many people's radar screen. In the first few days after the post we experienced something like a 30-fold increase in the level of traffic to the site. The increase in attention to the site has also brought a flood of comments. I'd like to take a moment to explain to commenters how we will handle comments in the future, because this blog is unique compared to other online forums where Rand's ideas are discussed. In response to some commenters on…

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Welcome to "Check Your Premises"

Welcome to Check Your Premises, the blog of the Ayn Rand Society. I am Ben Bayer and I’m honored that the ARS board has given me the opportunity to serve as blog editor. “Editor” is a misleading title. I’ll not be actively editing any posts other than my own, but I will manage the blog, solicit posts from ARS members, and review submissions from non-members. To give readers an idea of how I will handle this job, let me say just a few words about my background and my objectives for the blog. I am currently a visiting…

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Introducing "Check Your Premises" the Blog of the Ayn Rand Society

On behalf of the steering committee of the Ayn Rand Society, I am happy to announce a new initiative, in addition to our meetings at conferences of The American Philosophical Association conferences, and our book series, we will now be operating a blog named for Rand's principle piece of methodological advice: Check Your Premises. The blog will feature posts by society members on topics pertaining to Rand's philosophy, Objectivism, especially as it relates to philosophy as it relates to philosophical issues currently being discussed within the philosophy profession. There may also be guest posts by non-members. Our editor will be…

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