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What's wrong with the concept "libertarian"?

The rejection of the label "libertarian" by Rand and subsequent Objectivists is often met with incredulity. "Of course you're libertarians, whether you admit it or not," we're told; "a libertarian is someone who believes that the government should do nothing but protect people against aggression, if there should even be a government at all, and Objectivism holds that the government's only proper function is protecting rights, which amounts to the same thing as protecting against aggression, so by definition all Objectivists are libertarians (even though, of course, not all libertarians are Objectivists)." To see what's wrong with this line of…

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New Interviews with Tara Smith on Objective Law

As many in our audience may already know, frequent ARS presenter Tara Smith (UT Austin) has a new book out, Judicial Review in an Objective Legal System (Cambridge University Press, 2015). The introductory chapter of the Cambridge volume is also available online. Recently a number of items of interest related to Professor Smith's book have popped up on the Internet. Here is a link to an interview she conducted with the student publication The Undercurrent. Since we've recently been discussing the concept of "objectivity" and its relation to Rand's thought, here's an excerpt from that interview that speaks to this…

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